Frequently Asked Questions

Workshops will give participants firsthand Marine Corps knowledge, so that you are better equipped to discuss the Corps as an option for your students and athletes. 

The Marine Corps builds character that not only wins battles but creates quality citizens; and every lesson learned serves a greater purpose. Lessons like adapt and overcome not only prepare Marines for obstacles and challenges on the battlefield, but adversities in everyday life. 

No, the Educators Workshop is fully-funded by the United States Marine Corps. 

Your local Marine representative will notify you of your selection two months prior to the workshop.

Marine Corps Recruiting Command recommends 12 hours of credits. You will be provided with a letter certifying your attendance upon completion of the workshop.

For daily activities, we suggest comfortable clothing and running shoes. Additionally, we recommend bringing a rain jacket/umbrella in case of inclement weather, but we encourage checking the weather and packing accordingly. 

> Download Packing List

No. The Marine Corps will arrange everything through a local Marine representative. 

No, the Marine Corps will provide your transportation. If you are flying, we’ll have a representative transporting you from the airport to housing and base, plus all workshop activities. 

Please let your local Marine representative know so we may gather appropriate security information for base access. 

Breakfast, lunch, & dinner will be provided for participants. Due to base security, food delivery is not an option. 

Please do! Take as many videos and pictures as you’d like. Bring them back to share with your students/athletes or post them to social media. Don’t forget to tag @usmarinecorps on Instagram. 

Your Marine escort will note any medical conditions prior to your trip. In the event that medical attention is required during the trip, your Marine escort will facilitate care.